Friday, November 2, 2007

First posting

Well, here goes.. I can't sleep this morning waiting in anticipation of my investigation tonight in Lexington, Kentucky. I heard a friend of mine interviewed on a local radio station 94.5 Yesterday playing EVP's. He is Phillip Brummitt a long time fellow investigator and friend that i hadn't spoken to in some time. I called him to congratulate on a job well done and during the conversation he invited me to come up tonight to do an investigation at a haunted house he had been running for the holiday season that just happens to be really haunted. He said the actors all week had been run out by real ghost. REAL... ones.

I'm taking a couple of friends with me. Zack and Kyle two very good hunters and a new guy Andrew whom called later that day wanting to go on yet another outing. I met Andrew last Saterday night out at Soule's Chapel when he and a few friends just happen to show up at the same time as us to do a ghost hunt. I hope he does well.

Oh...! did I mention the place in Lexington has Shadow people too? I haven't told the others that part. I hate Shadow People by the way... They don't care for me either.. Wish me luck.